generosity of spirit and mind

In Spain I visited the Picasso museum. When  I saw Picasso’s platters I was immediately struck by a sense of their relationship with hospitality and generosity. And I thought of my friends J and C. I first met them when a rapist in Wellington was getting into women’s houses during the day and returning at […]


The new community project is a stream. There are several streams running into Porirua Harbour, one of which runs through our suburb. It’s called Mungavin Stream at the moment but I wonder what it once was? Because we’ll be involved in the upgrade of Mungavin Park the association thought it was a good idea to […]

waiting for gale

The earthquake/tremors/aftershocks are diminishing in size and frequency. The flood waters have subsided in my part of the world. The locusts did not appear but there may be a frog or two in my garden. The winds are gathering in momentum however. We are expecting gale force winds. I am still not at work as […]

another weird week then?

The weirdness continues. New Zealand was hit last night by a 7.5 earthquake and we all seem to have felt it (apart from my stepfather ). The day will be spent putting books back and assessing the need for a more secure bookshelf. I think I know the answer. Two casualties,  many roads broken up […]

singing these old songs

It has been, you have to admit a funny old year and today I’m out in the garden singing the same refrain: “The kingdoms of Experience In the precious winds they rot While paupers change possessions Each one wishing for what the other has got And the princess and the prince Discuss what’s real and […]