ah freedom

I retired 6 weeks ago and so far it’s been good, if a little bit of a financial rollercoaster.


The superannuation is  not easy to live on and for the first 2 weeks I duly noted every damned thing I spent money on. By the third week I was bored and no richer.

I have realised that buying ceramics in a small town 200 kms away, buying firewood and going to the dentist can’t quite be managed in the same pay fortnight. Unfortunately that fortnight the tenant shifted out too.

But I cleverly was able to cope, and even buy whisky, although the cheaper variety.  

While at times I have had stirrings of cabin fever, overall the benefits outweigh the downside of working in a stuffy, sticky, overheated office while various people slurp, crunch, shout and exchange tense moments and my neck gets sore and tired while I work on tasks  I was not employed to do.  I do miss some of my favourite people but: I am fitter (beat my pb on the cross trainer by 3 minutes :-)), eating more healthy food, creating about a 5th of the rubbish I used to by taking time to buy, and seem to be 100% less grumpy. I suspect I’ll be spending more on firewood, but am spending about 25% of the money I spent on petrol, and 80% less on coffee, bought food and alcohol.

And best of all: I wake naturally and not to some alarm. And second best of all, the inflammation I struggled with for the last 3 years is reducing.









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