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And today I got to see A thousand ropes.  What can I say? It’s disconcerting and comforting  to see the familiar places in Wellington and hear the accent; it’s wonderful to see faces that seem familiar (and some are); to see Leon Narbey’s photography and more great work from editor Annie Collins. That’s before we get to the main actors (Frankie Adams and Uelese Petaia ) and the director, Tusi Tamasese.

It’s one of those films that evolves and that uses a distinctly non European story telling – one that I recognise as Polynesian.  If I knew about Samoa I’d perhaps identify it as distinctly Samoan.

It takes a while for this palagi to ease into the story but once I do I am captivated.

So many events are understated, so many issues dwell beneath surfaces. So many emotions are revealed. So much left unsaid. So much said.


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