shedding light


It’s a while since I bought light bulbs and visiting Mitre 10 on Saturday was a bit. Um. Mind boggling. It was really helpful to have the large signs above each type of light explaining the relationship in lumens and watts.

I now have in my house:

Eco classic bulb in the loo

LED in the hallway (extremely bright)

old style eco in the dining room and bedside table

old school classic in the living room and bedroom

It took a good while to sort old school wattage, new school lumens and assorted other measurements. It’s a bit confusing that incandescent bulbs and LEDs are measured in wattage.

Post purchase I found this useful.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 20.46.05

I’m trying to conduct an experiment but have forgotten which is where.  I expect I  need a more scientific approach.


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