The new community project is a stream. There are several streams running into Porirua Harbour, one of which runs through our suburb. It’s called Mungavin Stream at the moment but I wonder what it once was?


Because we’ll be involved in the upgrade of Mungavin Park the association thought it was a good idea to improve the stream a bit – it has rubbish, arum lillies, wandering willie, buttercup and general crap around and in it.

It’s been interesting to see the kind of support we find and are offered. Although our first sortie was with a small group of people and it was a bit like playing mud pies, we did plant some rengarenga and clear a space. On Monday a local community group, Te Rito Gardens, will plant carrex and I have some cabbage trees waiting to be picked up.


While we plan to make a concerted effort in the new year I’ve been grateful for the advice of Paula Warren who runs Growing Places  and has been a fantastic help as has Andrew Gray, Landscape Architect from Porirua City Council.

Watch this space. Or rather. Come to the stream and help us.

In the  new year we’ll apply for funding from Greater Wellington Council and write a proper proposal of our plans. Could be fairly long term.






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