what is this life?

After my first  hip operation, Iphigenia Flores was an inhabitant of Second Life. She is still, I see, my avatar. It’s been a while.

One of the joys of Second Life was that through Iphigenia I could walk and fly. And dance. At 4 ish each day I’d pour a glass of wine and visit a night club in New York. I recall being able to chat with a fellow dancer about the new president Barrack Obama. Second Life was great for people with disabilities – psychological and physical. For many it’s an opportunity to explore  kinks.

I left Second Life when the constant updates needed outstripped my computer’s operating system. Besides, I started dancing in Real Life. I’m finding my operating system no longer keeping up with the upgrades there too, at the moment.

Recently a friend introduced me to Westworld. Goodness me.

In short:  rich people (guests) can pay enormous amounts of money to visit the ‘wild west’ where they explore their fantasises and kinks. Unlike Second Life in which the inhabitants have a large degree of control, in Westworld there are narratives which the World’s administrators, story developers and coders devise.  The hosts (androids) have their roles  encoded. The hosts, let me point out, can interact with the guests. They also talk with each other and this talking develops their skills. The memory of their  experiences can be expunged (but not the developing skills?).

But. Some of the code has been corrupted after a new upgrade and some of the ‘hosts’ are beginning to develop narratives of their own. Some are beginning to dream having had this ability encoded. There’s also an errant coder, a possibly psychopathic storyteller and a visitor who wants to stay in the world.

When I first watched this, three of us in the room were gob smacked and our 92 year old companion completely and utterly confused.

You have to concentrate hard.

Of course one of the things that emerges is that many of  the visitors want to explore some aspects of themselves that are , um anti social.  Anthony Perkins (the creative director of the world) seems to believe that people will come to terms with themselves. Is he, or is he not, also an android?

Although  a little difficult to get one’s head around at first, it is becoming compulsive  viewing for me.


Afternote: http://m.au.ign.com/articles/2016/09/27/the-history-of-westworldPerhaps I should watch more scifi.


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