Te kapata

drierWhile I’ve been semi hibernatory (the end I feel is nigh) I have been working on this little community project.

This Saturday the community group I belong to (Ranui Residents Association) will open a cupboard. It’s called Te Kapata Pukapuka and it was once a 1970s airing cupboard.

Now it’s a kids’ book exchange.

The airing cupboard was donated by two members; local artist Ruth Robertson-Taylor painted the design, Whitireia Construction team added the wheels, local four square shopkeeper will have it outside his shop and wheel it in each night. PCC have given us permission.

fullsizerenderTo add to the excitement the designs on the kids’ book exchange are derived from images in Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street and artist Robyn Kahukiwa and writer Patricia Grace have given their approval to use the designs, along with Penguin Random House who also donated books.

The whole project has taken a year to come to fruition and it’s been a lot of fun.

Local children can take books away and either return them or donate others. (We hope).

It’s a bit of an experiment and yes we are not alone in doing this. I like the madness of it all. And the community contributions.





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