right place wrong demographic?

2014-03-17 20.22.11.jpg I went last evening to the Postmodern Jukebox concert in Wellington. As my builder says “Don’t get me wrong”. It was fun.  But I didn’t really engage. It was very slick and professional, but I suspect the jokes were well used, a bit like Leonard Cohen’s self deprecating banter about being a youthful 60 year old.

Every concert has its own audience: grey haired former hippies and peaceniks for Joan Baez, old hippies and new hipsters for Bob Dylan,  mixtures of elegance and relaxed kiwi style for the opera. Gay men and liberal women for Rufus. You get the picture.


This audience contained several groups of young women. Well dressed and quite well tanked young women as well as the more mature couples. I hadn’t realised it was an occasion to dress up so there were cloche hats, ballerina party frocks,  feathers,  hats for men, many fancy heels and some interesting sequins. Not everyone of course but there was a definite style, which indeed I liked. The young women next to me showed me their shoes (very classy) and one kept exiting, to show off her outfit her friend informed me.

There was lots of coming and going to the loo I suspect, and to get more drinks.

There was some dancing in the aisles and lots of clapping and laughter when butts were displayed (fully clothed) and the rendition of Get you was indeed the clean version.

So what was the problem? I guess the problem was that it is slick. It’s a kind of nightclub act that has been franchised in a way. I had no idea who the singers were, and most of the songs were unknown to me. I guessed that some were Justin Bieber and I guessed incorrectly which one was the Beyonce one (Halo).

I guess also I had seen clips on Facebook and had been pretty impressed with the music.

However, I found myself thinking of jazz clubs in New York, Washington and LA (in truth not that many) and I yearned for a good old fashioned  blues/jazz number.

The show was definitely catering  for the yoof audience when musicians came on waving phones to indicate the audience should do so too.

The tap dancer was fantastic. The musicians all great and the singers pretty wonderful. I left before the encores feeling I had seen enough.

It was interesting but for me not that brilliant. No regrets though.







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