Faded glory

imageIt’s difficult not to see in Buenos Aires the remains of a past that was rich and elegant. The elegance remains in the kindness of the people and the buildings, the dishes and the wealth of antiques in markets.

The people are generally kind and thoughtful, always happy to consider a request and to give directions or to offer unsolicited help. The streets are uneven and in need of repair, some floors tricky to manouevre.

On Wednesday President Obama will visit – the day that marks, too, 40 years since the generals. There will be, I gather, protest and unrest.

It’s hard to imagine how it must have been during those years and I imagine that my landlady would have experienced the unrest and upset. As of course they all did.

We paid our respects to the disappeared  in the weekend.

Everyone tells us how the economy is so bad and most people are keen to have US dollars. I suspect that they live on as few pesos as necessary and hoard dollars for future upheavals and corruptions.

It is remarkable how human goodness and generosity survives.






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