stories and views


I’ve just finished this book which I really enjoyed. Talking about some of the things I enjoyed about it will spoil your own reading. But I like the intricacies of it, the almost audible cadence of the local dialect, and the drama. I like the storytelling too and it made me think about the ways stories impact on us and how sometimes we don’t know if our lives are either following a big story (the old grand narrative) or a micro/little narrative.

Another of the things I did like, and can share, is that it focuses in some part on the way we view the world and the world views us.

And this brought to me second thing of the week: a connection with my father through an email. In short, I had the opportunity to exchange emails with someone ten years younger than me who knew my dad after I left home. It’s a shock no doubt to realise that our parents’ lives weren’t frozen in time when we left home. I was prompted to contact this person because it is 40 years since Dad died (and incidentally 10 since Mum died).

The reply to my email was warm and told me about aspects of my father I had only guessed at and observed from a distance. It reinforced my feeling that he had been important to others apart from me and the reply made me reflect a bit on how his life was, what he cared about and his concern for others.

In my mind these two ideas go together (clearly): how we view the world and the way stories we create to make sense of our own lives are always open to change and re-interpretation when we  learn of  the stories of those around us.

And I do suggest you read this book: Like Heaven. Good read.


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