the gift that keeps on giving

An abbreviated post I deleted:(April 2015).

“I suppose when I found the money I should have kept it. It was summer. I was undertaking my annual garden clean up and in amongst cactii I don’t often get in amongst. There it was. Crisp new notes in lots of $2,000 neatly wrapped in gladwrap.
That started a long effort to have them all move out. All, you ask? Yes, while I did rent the flat under my house to one person by the time they left I think there were at least 4 people there.
And now. yep. After more flusters the flat has registered positive for p. Not much p. Not enough to get as hysterical as the people who report these things online are. Not as much p as if they had been making it.
The tenants? Nice young men. Respectful. Compliant with my request to increase the rent due to the large number of people there. Compliant with my request for quiet after 11.00 pm. Always respectful. Always nice.”

October 2015

flatflatIt is still going on. A word of warning – don’t paint your flat before you test for p (methamphetamine).

Apparently because I painted bits of the flat, now, six months later the contaminants are leaching through the paint making the recent test results HIGHER! than the first ones. Looks like some serious cooking was going on.

The decontam guys have been back about 6 times in the last month and were here all day Saturday and most of today (my day off). We are getting quite chummy.

The flat has been tested 3 times, and I asked them to do an informal test on my upstairs. Seems to be ok. If it hadn’t been and if I had pursued it I’d be looking at new furniture, new paintings, new books, new photos, new curtains…….and while new curtains are on my list new books, paintings, souvenirs, gifts from friends are not.

I am writing this as a chance to share and a chance to warn.

But I also think the decontam industry needs some regulation and after a chance discussion I learn that Andrew Bayly (Member of Parliament for Hunua) is looking into p lab testing and remediation issues.

Probably more in detail later. I’m off to think about something else just for a change.


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