Identity, play and biculturalism

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“A sense of self is difficult without myth” (J.C.Davis 1985 p.7).

Being away from work and in a sense playing has a purpose too. Part of my playing led me to a thesis by Emma Kelly about a friend, Jonathan Dennis. It’s also a thesis about identity and biculturalism in the New Zealand 1980s.

For many of us the 1980s was a time of discovery and exploration. When I arrived in Wellington Ngā Kaitiaki o ngā Taonga Whitiāhua the New Zealand Film Archive had just been set up, the first events of the NZ Film Festival were underway and the NZ Film Commission was beginning to hit its stride. Fingers Gallery in Auckland was er waggling its multiple digits too. The people involved, like me, were passionate about work and play. Both of which interconnected. It was hard to know where play and work began and ended.

Many of us…

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