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That was just a dream some of us had” Joni Mitchell

Leaning into the wind. Image: Kim Gumaby A metaphor: Leaning into the wind. Image: Kim Gumabay

My recent post in which I reflected on the 1980s and biculturalism got me thinking about what is happening now in New Zealand in education. Bear in mind this a personal view – not one necessarily shared by my (younger and therefore less cynical) colleagues. And yes I generalise as I reflect.

Discourse in the 1980s focused on the idea that there were two partners in the Treaty of Waitangi Te Tiriti o Waitangi and that partnership needed to be implemented as an idea and as a practice. It was accepted that being Pākehā in all its forms constituted a dominant cultural group, that institutions arose out of that cultural group and now needed to reflect the partnership principle  embedded in the Treaty/Tiriti.

So, for better or worse, for idealism, for…

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