short of a rort

Those of you who follow the saga of the p-house in my flat may be interested in the latest.

1. I had the flat tested by one group who sent me onto the next to have more in-depth testing.

2. They managed the testing but sent the test to a reliable tester. No probs.

3. When they sent back the results they informed me there had been cooking and sent a decontam estimate/quote.

4. After some amount of hysteria and trying to find information I contacted another group TouchOne.

5. They provided a much better quote and a better investigation and we reread the results. Nah, no cooking just storage and smoking.

6. I went with them – actually the lovely people at State Insurance did.

7. The guys were fantastic and decontamed the flat in the shortest time with the least amount of trouble for me. They kept me in the loop at all times.

8. State wanted a final test done. Sure, but they contacted the second group to do it.

9. I have been waiting impatiently for the results.

10. I now gather that the second group won’t test the flat because it has been painted (with special encapsulating paint) – new doors have been fitted and new plugs and electrical switches done too.

11. Strange to me that the second company won’t do the testing. Eh?

In line with Laurie Anderson – perque no?


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