apples, trees and gnomes

Posts and sharing about Mum’s jackets led me of course to this:

Kathy Kerr Creations
Kathy Kerr Creations

I bought this coat/jacket just before my 40th birthday at the Christchurch market in what was once, but thanks to earthquake I think is no more, the arts centre.

I had just come off a freighter travelling from Wellington to Lyttleton with a cargo of treasures for the Alexander Turnbull Library’s travelling exhibition, People of the Treaty Speak. As we sailed though Wellington harbour I was relieved and pleased with myself. As soon as we left the heads behind, however, I was in the head. Pretty much for the rest of the 8 hr trip.

Once I had delivered the cargo I wandered across the road and there spied this jacket. The very thing to make me feel alive again. The allure was that although it cost $1,000 (heaps 23 years ago) Kathy Kerr was offering a ‘pay as much as you can per month’ deal.

It’s the best thing I ever bought (I think) and perfect for Wellington weather. Turning up the collar encapsulates the wearer, and with hat, sensible shoes and leg wear the wearer (that’s me) is as warm and toasty as a wee gnome.

Kathy Kerr? It looks as if she closed the sole trader shortly after I bought the jacket and moved on to various interesting things and places.

Friend G suggests that Mum’s jackets go to the Fashion Museum when I am done with them. I think this one should too. Fine examples of quality New Zealand work.


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