Australian perfidy, New Zealand nervousness

Image of Nauru map, by Tschubby, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
mage of Nauru map, by Tschubby, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Good to see that the NZ Green party has led the charge on human and civil rights in Nauru.

“The move follows a call from top legal academics in New Zealand for the government to stop funding the justice sector in Nauru over concerns about the rule of law”. Radio NZ International

I have been alarmed to read about the appalling conditions and recent affront to justice systems in Nauru.

“More difficult to understand, and harder to forgive, however, is the silence of our own government. The Nauruans and their phosphate may have made New Zealand rich, but that does not appear to have inspired a reciprocal determination on our part to keep them free.” – See more at:

I also know that the silencing of opposition in Nauru is appalling – especially when the NZ Govt contributes funds towards the Nauru justice system.

Nauru you say? A small dot in the Pacific which was given as a League of Nations mandate to Australia and NZ (and the Brits) after WW1 but which has been largely controlled by Australia.

Nauru became important to both Australia and NZ because of its rich supply of well, bird shit, which spread over our countries’ land, made it more fertile and us, richer. A series of mismanagements occurred and eventually the bird shit ran out. Luckily for Australia the country was in a position (due to, it may appear, quite a lot of pressure and corruptive practices on Australia’s part) to accept refugees.

It seems now that there is more corruption: opposition members are silenced and somewhere I read that anyone who speaks out about abuse (of which I gather there is a lot) will be silenced.

It sounds like a living hell.

And the country that stood against apartheid and nuclear ship visits is complicit in that we support the Nauru justice system and, as we remain silent about the appalling attack on human rights for Aboriginal people in Australia, we seem to be moving very slowly on doing anything about Nauru.

Are we afraid of upsetting our neighbours and big cousins?


6 thoughts on “Australian perfidy, New Zealand nervousness

  1. Well said. Our current government demonstrates a complete lack of concern for other peoples unless they see a positive commercial impact for any concern shown. Workers rights and the rights of our most vulnerable are being systematically eroded so it is unsurprising that our government will not react to the gagging in Nauru.

    Thanks to the Green Party for a humanitarian response.


  2. Actually it doesnt. Such a tiny island and so much fuss. The phosphate certainly made it significant and now its proximity to Aus without actually being Oz. i landed there in 1987 enroute to Kiribati. Paid departure tax for privelage of going thru customs. Tiny place.


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