P-house updates

  This is by way of an update. Staff at my insurance company – State- have been fantastic.  They have been sympathetic and helpful as has the insurance agent Laurie.

I was clever enough to contact TouchOne a local company specialising in meth clean ups. Not only did the guys ease my worries but they helped me reread the test results with a calmer eye. Yep to meth/p but more likely smoking and storing. This week they started the clean up by taking linings out of cupboards and then whole cupboards. The electrician comes  to take out all the electrical fittings and the new stove and gas hob  have already gone. The final cost will be closer to $20,000 and that’s for a tiny bedsit with separate kitchen and facilities.

I’ve spoken to our local MP and generally discussed this: that there are difficulties in getting good advice and that the regulations are clear about cooking but less so about smoking; that the company who organises testing should not be organising the decontamination and that it’s difficult to grasp easily what the results show and what the best action is. I add that I think the decontamination for smoking is over the top and that the response is overcooked (;/) and at times everyone has become overwrought.

There needs to be some sound and serious reflection about the dangers, the different effects of smoking and cooking on people and places and some sensible decontamination processes outlined.

And so to await the next phase.


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