Si? o No?

“Smoke Rings

Standby. You’re on the air.
Buenos noches Senores y Senoras. Bienvenidos.
La primera pregunta es: Que es mas macho,
pineapple o knife?
Well, let’s see. My guess is that a pineapple is more
macho than a knife. Si! Correcto!
Pineapple es mas macho que knife.
La segunda pregunta es: Que es mas macho,
lightbulb o schoolbus?
Uh, lightbulb?
No! Lo siento, Schoolbus es mas macho que lightbulb.
Gracias. And we’ll be back in un momento.”

I feel as if I am in a Laurie Anderson song right now. At least I am learning new things about P contamination.

I have skim read the Ministry of Health recommendations and just about every instance on the ‘Net of P contamination and I’ve read up on pseudoephedrine, amphetamine and ephedrine. Am I more knowledgeable? Slightly.

I’ve discussed the issue with the executor advisor of my will and my lawyer. And the insurers.

And got a second opinion. It’s starting to look like there was no cooking (not enough ephedrine) in spite of the testing but quite a lot of smoking. It may not be as bad as it seems. Certainly after today I feel more at ease about all this.

It’s like my battles with ACC and confusion over hospital tests. Who would know really and the ones who would aren’t saying.

But at least it feels as if there is a solution that may or may not mean I have to work another 5 years.

It feels clearer and I bet you, there’s sure to be more of this.


2 thoughts on “Si? o No?

  1. Hello, you’re In The Air with Aerolineas Argentinas, El Capitaine speakin’. We are NOT El Al Airlines, nor are we masculinist in transit. Macho is the speed: Mach.0. Now, Manuel and His Music des Montanes.


    1. Holas! That Aerolineas is a fink. We are the Real Jet Lineas. Inflight ent is Live. Silvio Berlusconi, on PD, sings: Canta. Canta songe. Canta libre. Canta me out. The film est stupido ‘Don Juan de Imelda Marcos’ with Marlono Branded.


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