aftermeth overtakes good story

2015-03-28 14.42.51

In truth I don’t know what this image represents but the flat under my house had these holes in the ceiling. I thought they were placings for some kind of hook for a spot of BDSM (I’m joking – ceiling not strong enough I know) but they may be something to do with the p production. For overseas readers that’s methamphetamine.

Yep testing now proves that indeed they were cooking. When it started I don’t know but there’s a series of consequences that make me suspicious.

Next step is to have the place decontaminated which means stripping the walls, the ceilings, the front door and all the doors. Undoing my fabulous painting and cleaning that took 6 days of my time.

The Enviro check people are very nice and the insurance people also.

They also suggest I get my own own dwelling checked – that’s another $1,000. It seems likely that the room above the kitchen where I sit at this very moment may need to be decontaminated.

Oh and perhaps there’s a link with meth production and polymyalgia from which I have been suffering? Almost certainly if not in its cause at least in its exacerbation.

To be continued.


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