well, well well

Pukerangiora, Taranaki
Pukerangiora, Taranaki

Pukerangiora is a significant site in Taranaki. It’s stunningly beautiful and the drop to the river breathtaking in every sense. Nearby is a flame.

Fracking, Taranaki
Fracking, Taranaki

2015-03-15 12.43.01 The flame you can see is from the gas rising from the fracking site/well. The pipes take the methane over the countryside and out of New Zealand. There is not one pipeline but many – each company, it seems, has its own, adding to the countryside litter. And the gas goes to China via circuitous routes and to other places that produce unnecessary consumer goods. Like many city dwellers I was not aware how widespread this practice is in Taranaki and how insidious, destructive and unethical it is. Fracking, for me is a new phrase. I thought it was all still under negotiation. I gather now that it has been going on for some time and that, like many things, it has many name changes: wire-line maintenance, deep well stimulation, overworking the well, work over the well, well stimulation. Why is it so awful? Well for one thing you might allow your farm to be fracked but the fissures will almost certainly go under the ground to my land. It’s ugly and dangerous. Cows grazed in the nearby farm as we watched the flame rise, and a Fontera truck carted milk past as we watched another. The chemicals and rubbish are toxic and at the moment taken to land farms (yep another wee euphemism) like this one behind the trees.

Land farm, Taranaki
Land farm, Taranaki

Once the waste has sat for a while it is carted to places like this factory for integration into compost and other materials. 2015-03-15 11.54.35 It’s dangerous. It stops companies exploring other forms of energy development. It’s ugly. It’s contaminating. If you want more information or to help visit this website: Climate Justice Taranaki https://climatejusticetaranaki.wordpress.com/what-you-can-do/support-us-with-a-koha/ Or use this account to make a koha, 38-9014-0394523-00


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