render therefore unto Caesar….


One of life’s pleasures is the Caesar salad. I love anchovies, Parmesan cheese and things that go crunch. I don’t however like a Caesar that contains bacon, chicken and all manner of other things. The inclusion of these ingredients makes something light and tasty into something clunky and heavy.

I try these salads almost whenever I eat out – unless I detect the over abundance of stuff in the menu description.

With friends coming for lunch and deep anxiety about meal preparation I dug out this very useful book given to me many years ago. I have made the delicious potato salad from this book. I made the dressing today to be ready. It’s looking and tasting good so far:

garlic, salt, anchovy, egg yolk, Worcester sauce, lemon juice, pepper, olive oil, Parmesan and mayonnaise. Tomorrow I’ll add the lettuce, croutons and more parmesan. Yum.

Looking good.

Part two

The whole lunch was indeed very tasty: Caesar salad, new potatoes in creamy sauce, three bean salad (with capers) and three pepper salad (also with capers). The guests thought it all very tasty and I was pleased.

Perhaps I’l ask more to people to lunch now that I have refound this book.


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