First thoughts

It is a shame that there is no human name that works with Brisbane (like Syd and Mel) but it does have very strong associations with its colonial past. As the very helpful ticket collector told me “The boys are parallel and the girls go to the river”. That is Edward Albert George and Adelaide Alice Anne and Queen of course. Have I missed one ?

I know it’s a scoffable offence but this part of Brisy reminds me of Valencia. I think it’s the wide river and the square layout on the CBD side and the wide bridges that lead to museums, convention centres and all the new stuff.

People are very friendly and there’s a style of dealing with visitors that is direct and non sycophantic. I like the efficient pink-shirted women in the information centre on Queen. Everyone is super friendly and there’s a way everyone has of acknowledging your presence without being intrusive. People chat as you cross the road and offer help.

‘Darling’ is fine as it is applied to everyone. I guess one of my issues with ‘dear’ is that it is usually reserved for old women. The signs in the lift say helpfully “Don’t use the lifts if there is a fire” rather than “Do not use lifts in case of fire”.

Most shops are familiar franchises for Kiwis so it seems unlikely that I’ll bother, although the air-conditioning could prove irresistible.

Part two

I had hoped to see some famous Queenslanders-those beautiful old houses built to withstand floods and heat, and although I caught a glimpse of one or two from the ferry and train I did not see any close up. I did see one or two that had been built along the same lines like this one or been modified.
2014-12-04 12.24.482014-12-08 06.16.11

One of the highlights was the trip to the World Heritage forest where Dave was very helpful and David was full of information. Since it was peeing down it was good thing to do. I loved the information and I loved the climb even though I was scared witless on the suspension bridges. I’d done a tree top climb in Albany but the bridges were er more stable.

GoMa is a lovely museum and while I was there I found this painting where the painter (whose name I forget) wrote that the outskirts of Brisbane reminded him of Valencia. I felt sort of …..validated. I also adored the Tracey Moffat exhibition ‘Spirited’. She’s a clever woman.

2014-12-05 12.51.31

There were markets, outdoor games evenings and general community things going on. I didn’t get to dance because of feet/heat/walking.

Semi cripple hint? It’s all easy. Take a stick – it lets people know you are slow to cross and walk.


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