travelling Welly

For the last 2 days I travelled by train and walked Welly. One of those things was unpleasant and one very pleasant. Let’s get the unpleasant out of the way first.

It was wet the first day and I took my stick. It’s best to do that because the steps are difficult to manoeuvre and the stick lets people know that I am slow.

The first day I got a seat. OK. The second day no-one, no-one stood for me even though it was obvious I was having trouble with the train swaying. One woman held my stick while I fished out my ticket and I gave my purse to the lovely train conductor in the end so she could get my ticket out. Everyone was wearing black (er including me) and on the way home both times I felt sick with the train motion. Also it was expensive -$13.00 return. Also everyone looked miserable and I had to listen to the music of the woman next to me.

2ndnzefSo. The more pleasant. I really enjoyed my walk around the sea front to Te Papa and even though I had walked that way before, for the first time ever I noticed the plaques on the wall. I promised myself I’d take a photo of the next one I came across and it was this. My father was in the 2nd NZEF, so it seemed appropriately coincidental. All the plaques indicate an interesting history of Wellington.

2014-11-26 15.34.04Today, a sunnier day, I walked up Taranaki Street past this place, which despite knowing the archeologists, I had never visited. It’s a great little oasis of history commemorating the old Te Aro Pa.

2014-11-26 15.37.28Then along Dixon Street I went, past this park which friend/acquaintance Shona created in the late 80s to remember Te Aro Pa.

And so I caught the bus to the station and the unpleasant train journey.

I felt simultaneously uplifted and depressed. I had visited memories and found some things I had never seen before.

But I was really pleased to be home and to discover that this is my 400th post. Gosh.


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