Oh assumpta

bisiabilityAssumption. A word that relates to the assumption of Mary to heaven and celebrated in the Irish name Assumpta. It’s also celebrated in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

I make assumptions in tango when I stop following the leader and guess, often erroneously, what he or she wants me to do next.

So to make assumptions I guess is to ‘take up’ our subconscious thoughts and learned ideas into our consciousness.

OK so here’s the story.

A week ago I became involved in an altercation regarding disability car parks. It was deeply unpleasant because the other parties believed that I was not disabled and while it’s true that I am not very disabled their assumptions were incorrect. I was merely pointing out that they were both in disabled car parks. Politely too I thought. Their responses were not polite.

Two days ago I related this exchange to some people parked legally in a disability car park. In reply they asked about the ethnicity of my accusers. When I muttered that was irrelevant they said “oh but ………….are the ones who get abusive”.

It’s bloody hard being human sometimes.


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