oh crap

So, ok I go to the supermarket and I take my reusable bag. And I try really hard to remember to do this.

2014-11-06 18.44.05

Then I get offered some collectibles. “No thanks” I say.

On the drive to work I see advertisements for collectibles at the service station.

What’s going on? Why do I want more crap?

Is this some updated version of the stickers we used to collect as children? Is this another attempt at advertising?

Honestly it’s just more crap. And believe me there’s a lot of this already in the world that I see.
PS: And I’m mulling over NZ’s response to terrorism. And the discussion that our PM seems to have had with Australia’s PM. More crap?


2 thoughts on “oh crap

  1. Pedant alert – when the hell did collectables become collectibles? I see it everywhere and it infuriates me even more than the dinky little plastic things of pretend food.


  2. When we started using American dictionaries? I had to check the spelling but I see that wikipedia and (while we are on it isn’t it wikipaedia?) uses a. hmmm…I used to use the word as an adjective “that’s a very collectable cup/artist/ceramic/other thing”except I’d never say that, would I? Perhaps I did?


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