while I am at it

While this is another photo of Mo, mo2

Ritchie also helped me. Here he is with Heather before taking me to the airport for my first ever overseas trip to Fiji with a man I’d rather forget (and that’s another story – the first of the irremediable men). The place is Seafield View Road, Auckland. And that’s another story.


Ritchie helped me change the head gasket on my Ford Prefect – a task that has stood me in many a good stead. It helps when I work with the auto tutors to tell them that I once changed a head gasket. Although he probably did most of the work he explained to me what was happening and I do recall having to tighten the nuts. It was a memorable experience and since my father was also a mechanic it made me feel…..involved. And part of it all.

Another good friend.


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