old mates


In 1972 or was it 1973 or maybe 4 I bought a Wolseley 4/44. We all did. Mo had a 4/44, Barry had a 6/80, Sheenagh a 1500 maybe. Ritchie had a 6/80. We just had them and we loved them. Walnut dashboard, leather seats. Smoooth engine.Liz had a “Morris Oxford with dodgy reverse and rusty petrol tank”.

In 1973 or 4 Mo fixed my Wolseley 4/44 which he had helped me buy. We had just forgotten to reverse it when we took it for a drive and when we got it home we found it had no reverse.

Here he is fixing his car before he went on to make a gear cog for my car (behind, cream).


In front is the first car I ever bought – a 1952 Ford Prefect. It is the same year as my birth and I loved the simplicity of it. It overheated from time to time but I just sat on the side of the road until it cooled down and then poured water into the radiator. It did me proud. It took me to training college when I wasn’t on the back of Bruce’s BMW which wasn’t often to tell the truth.

Now, in 2014, Mo has taken Von Tempsky and Titokowaru – bought in Taranaki when friend Max came to visit. He promises to fix the work for me – to rearrange the cogs and to tighten the nuts, to make a link for the fighting arm and at Christmas I’ll drive north to pick it up.

There are many good friends in my life and Mo is one.
PS: I can’t find the name of the man who made Von Tempsky. I bought him in about 2003 or 2004 at a market in New Plymouth. He’s one of my treasures.


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