weekend whb

Photo 26-10-14 1 50 22 pm

It was a very splendid weekend at the Polish community’s celebrations and remembrance of the arrival of 733 children to Paihiatua (see Telling Stories).

The old Wellington Harbour Board building is very beautiful with these stairways and double glazed windows. There’s a sense of humour there too with the faux rat running across the grain. The building is still being upgraded and there was sense of confusion about rooms, signage and front desk information, which was a shame as it’s a very small, cosy and lovely museum in many ways.

I felt for the people who had travelled long distances to participate, at their own expense, when they were put in rooms that had no signage and when front desk staff did not quite have the right information and when no context was provided for the exhibitions. There was, alas, an air of confusion and slight hysteria which could have been avoided.

The exhibitions were lovely and the sense of sharing stories very strong, the outside activities were fun and I’m sure the Museum of Wellington City and Sea will eventually become a more cohesive building and experienced team.


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