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This blog started as a way to share frustrations with the medical system and to share the things I had discovered as I progressed from a semi cripple state to one where having a minor disability allowed me to participate in life. The minor disability occurred as a result of the treatment and consists of a damaged sciatic nerve and a condition called drop foot. (That’s the RIGHT foot).

It’s also been a way, I hope, to inspire people, perhaps a way to keep various people in the loop and, frankly, a kind of indulgence.

Along the way I’ve shared ideas about other stuff too.

So – here we go (this is the LEFT hip).

Anterior hip muscles. Beth Ohara, 2006
Anterior hip muscles. Beth Ohara, 2006

Eighteen months ago I had a second operation to replace a prosthesis from which the screw had come out and wandered towards my waist. The issue was that I kept trying to tell members of the medical profession that something was amiss, but was told to do more squats. Finally a locum sent me to have an xray. The replacement occurred.

Now, 18 months later and after a visit to the orthopaedic surgeon who told me that of course it would become inflamed, and some mutterings to my doctor, I finally told the story to a friend (and physiotherapist) who sent me to the ultrasound. While the verdict is not yet final, it appears that one of the key muscles was either not attached or has come loose, and there seems to be a foreign body in the hip which the ultrasound technician thinks may be a suture. Yippee. At least that explains the pain and makes me think that the inflammation my body has been experiencing is a reaction to the foreign body lurking in my system, exacerbated by some invasive dental treatment.

Once, a long time ago, a shitty doctor told me that if I knew my body better than him then I should self treat. (It was a completely different medical issue).

More to follow I assume, most of all a confirmation that what the utrasound technician thinks she saw is what may be there. It does make me think of my father and his 22 operations as the medical profession (at the insistence of my mother) tried to work out what was happening. But that was 40 years ago.

Meanwhile other stories can be seen here:
90px-CC_some_rights_reserved.svgHip muscles image from:


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