socio muddles

I’m embarrassed to admit that I have recently fluffed a couple of social engagements. Usually I’m pretty good, so I started to ponder what was happening.

Many years ago, when I was teaching people with disabilities, we’d do a kind of socio map that laid out the interactions the students had, and whether or not they were paid relationships (caregivers, doctors etc). Just now I am working with staff in the addictions and counselling field and I discover that these maps have evolved a bit (or perhaps I was never familiar with them). They are called eco maps, or socio maps and if I were to read more I’d find the differences.

Essentially you map relationships (and I’m sure in some instances add value/judgements etc).

So I had a go. It’s illuminating. These relationships I have mapped out are in the face to face world and do not include bankers and, most significantly work or indeed the community group to which I belong. I also failed to include the pharmacist, the builder, the electrician and the gardener.

Most of the top of the circle consists of people I pay and the list has grown since the arrival of the possible (but not entirely confirmed) polymyalgia.

All this while I try to organise myself for retirement. Help. I’d better get going.

And if I fluffed a social engagement, I am sorry, but maybe this begins to explain what is happening in my life. Sigh.

sociograph 1

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