One of the things I have discovered about myself since having a shonky foot, is a predisposition to shoe experiments.

So here is my latest. Summer brogues. And this wonderful website site/blog lists all the best from Europe/England. Sigh.

Brogues work for shonky feet because they allow you to keep the shoes on your feet. You just have to be careful that the rough bits don’t sit on the scrunched up toes. Although the feet are enclosed, you don’t have to worry about shoes that are too long or sandals that sit over the scrunched toes.

Sometimes you buy shoes that just don’t work. Sometime you win. I’m hoping this time I win. So far so good.

Both from Country Road with a shop assistant who used to be a ballet dancer with the Royal NZ Ballet. So, of course, I liked her and her style.


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