another one about good service


When you feel like crap and you are a bit unhappy with a haircut you can feel even worse. I sent the hairdresser a note explaining why I felt a bit unhappy.

I received a phone call and, in the post, a wee note with a voucher – enough to cover the cost of a haircut.

Today – haircut day – the salon owner came to say hello, to thank me for my feedback and to look at my hair. My usual hairdresser apologised and we spent a happy 2 hours (!) working on my hair with feedback from the owner, Diana.

When I left (after being reminded to hand over my vouchers) I felt really happy. No-one was defensive, we all shared our views and even now (6 hours later) I like the cut.

They are local hairdressers – Reds in Pukerua Bay in #gigatownporirua of course.
Fabulous service. Great response – helpful, positive, affirming and collaborative.

Thanks Diana and Ange.


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