just because I am loathe

to wade into the debate it doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion.

http://hnn.us/article/156321 When you look at the maps on this excellent backgrounder by Juan Cole a New Zealander can’t but help compare the maps we have seen about Maori land loss in NZ.


Maori lost land because of colonisation by various people who saw the land as their right, their due or because it was there.

The people came from nations where they felt unhappy because of religious differences, social and economic dysfunction and perhaps a sense of adventure and some greed. Maori turned to religion, peaceful protest, legal fights, combat and avoidance in order to try and stop the taking of land, the undermining of their culture, language and beliefs not to mention their way of life. Similar things happened in Canada, Australia and the U S A. In these days the ‘rebels’ would be called terrorists. And I am not naive enough to think that Hamas are altruistic, kind-hearted fellows. But.

The resulting colonisation in NZ, Australia, Canada and the U S A has meant that indigenous people are over-represented in prisons, hospitals and poverty statistics.

The shame of it seems that this is still happening in this century. People grab land. Groups of people claim more land than they need.

It’s hard not to see the whole eruption of the middle east as being due to faults, mandates and compromises made after the war and no-one doubts the need for Israelis to have land to call theirs. But.

It’s all just a bit heart wrenchingly awful.


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