three little pills

drugsAlthough a blog is public I know this one serves as an update for friends and I am grateful for the messages I have received.

Although I felt beautifully clean both inside and out, the antibiotics did not deal to the inflammation and or pain. I am now on prednisone and yesterday took my first burst of 3 little pills. In spite of previous (long ago) attractions to drugs I am now cautious about them, partly because of watching my mother’s very strong reaction to certain drugs prescribed to help dementia (they didn’t) and partly because well, just because.

About 3 hours after taking my first 3 little pills I felt my body sort of gearing up, heating up and then after a while I felt exhausted so went home to sleep (for hours). When I got out of bed there was no pain, and I had forgotten how it was to feel no pain. Pain creeps upon you – you notice sore legs, then sore hips then sore everything until one day you realise that this is too much pain. So to be pain-free was a revelation.

This morning I felt some twinges (it can’t all be cured in one day) but I am hoping now that a new phase is beginning.



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