things I didn’t think about

It used to be usual practice to administer prophylactic antibiotics to recipients of joint prostheses (e.g.hip replacements ) when they were undergoing any dental or periodontal care, but the practice has been discontinued since the research shows that the risk of infection is slight.

Ah but. Yep septic arthritis has hit.

It started, should you wish to check your own symptoms, with pain and stiff joints then progressed to all over body pain and fatigue with intense pain in some joints and muscles and restricted movement in all joints.

Some dot joining and coincidences led my doctor and me to this conclusion and a healthy jolt of antibiotics eases the pain and swelling.

Of course the dental interventions may have exacerbated incipient infection, which may have been there since the operation and may explain why the area has not healed well after last year’s surgery.

While surgery is a wonderful thing and had I not had it I’d be sitting in a rocking chair learning to crochet, the side effects have been greater that I suspected. I’d do if again because my quality of life now is better than it was but these unintended side effects have been worrisome.



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