repetitious epiphanies


The purpose of this cropped image (I am not sure my Travelling Companion would want to be in such a shot) is that I had an oft-repeated epiphany last night.

Yep went dancing and yep it was fun.

It was one of those occasions when you think “Sunday night – relaxed dress code”. The NZ women – apart from a few, mostly of European origin – were distinguished by their clothes. We just have a more conservative approach to showing flesh and wearing glitter and, I suspect a more hmmm complex relationship with our bodies. The Australian women were more self-assured and sartorially daring in general.

And the point of the photo?

A friend and I were on a beach in Procida and, arriving early, asked a young woman to take our photo. Within half an hour the beach was crowded with people – mostly families it appeared. They lounged around, gossiped, ate, flirted, told funny stories, played with kids and at one stage a group of women older than me stood in the water. They all wore bikinis, they were all shapes and sizes and they caressed their bellies, folded their arms over their breasts so that the flesh was displaced, they swam, they played with kids and they were clearly relaxed and at home in their bodies. In my one-piece I felt old, over dressed and deeply Anglo-Saxon. I suspect I looked it too.

PS: I didn’t keep my trousers on but I still felt overdressed and yes I did swim.


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