a quince I think

Smyrna quinces
Smyrna quinces

This image from a blog called 1,000 words a day reflects, I hope, how the quinces from my newly planted quince tree will look in about 2 years’ time.

I adore quince paste, quince jelly, quince conserve and anything else about these big fat fruit. My friend Elizabeth used to drop her extras off from her Hawkes Bay garden.

I did set out to buy a tamarillo but that, like a new lemon tree, will have to wait.

Ah, anticipation of the gardening, creating and eating variety.

PS: Read the linked blog if you are a foody. You’ll find some delicious recipes there. Posts Tagged ‘Persian Quince Drink’
Lime-Quince Marmalade Cardamom Shortbread Cookies Posted in Cooking, tagged Lime-Quince Juice, Lime-Quince Marmalade, Persian Quince Drink, Quince, Quince Lime Marmalade, Quince-Lime Juice, Quince-Lime Marmalade Cardamom Shortbread Cookies on December 7, 2011


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