words describing language


While it’s been a while since I learned English or studied LitCrit I thought I had a reasonable handle on words that describe language.

This list from changing minds.org had me mesmerised.

I was completely wrong.

I’m keen on anabasis, and rather like anacephaleosis. Anangeon seems a really useful skill and I’ve been accused of catachreses believe it or not. And I do like a movie that is paraprosdokian, don’t you ?

As Miranda ‘s often quoted mater would say ‘what fun.’

And to be procataleptic: yes I know the election is along soon, yep I do know who I’ll vote for, yes Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville are creeps and sports cheats are stupid but I’m indulging in a bit of affirmatio, hiding my head under the covers and going dancing – one of these is metaphorical.


3 thoughts on “words describing language

  1. I like anacoluthon,especially Fowler’s illustrative example: “How can I convince you that if you don’t become reconciled with your father, then what will become of you?”


  2. I think I often indulge in anacoluthon but this week I have also discovered zeugmas and rather like these examples:”The farmers in the valley grew potatoes, peanuts, and bored.” (Wunderland)

    “He opened his mind and his wallet at the movies.”

    “He fished for compliments and for trout.” (Words & Stuff)

    “He lost his coat and his temper.” (Zeugma)

    See more here http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc1025/


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