30 years ago (again)

MAKARA_3Early this week I had lunch with a friend who a. participated in a shared birthday party and b. couldn’t remember it.

So here you go. Makara Beach circa 1984 or maybe 1985 or was it 1986? Four Pisceans got together with all their friends for a Day at the Beach. The weather was stunning as it often is in Wellington in mid-March. I recall that the very next day the autumn began as if on cue.

It was a fantastic day – friend John had just returned from his overseas sojourn/s and a merry collection of people, many of whom we all knew, some of whom only one of us knew, shared a picnic lunch and general bonhomie.

Let’s hope this helps you remember M. 🙂



PS: I have more photos.
PPS: Maybe it was only 3 Pisceans?


6 thoughts on “30 years ago (again)

  1. I remember it well. During the day Simon climbed up the cliff and got stuck and I had to go rescue him, overcoming my own fear of heights. Apart from that a great day.


  2. Hang about. This seems a known time and place, visited by our long ago cohort of Leone H, P Singleton, Paul of Ak in ‘Galileo’ at Downstage then? For some reason these scenes are familiar.


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