Like most people with a western education I knew about Dickens-especially A Christmas Carol, and as I was reminded today I read a Tale of Two Cities in the third or fourth form, but it was only when I bought this edition of David Copperfield for $2 from the local library that I read him in my adult years.

It’s been a joy.

I loved David Copperfield and looked forward to reading a new chapter a night. I loved the descriptions and the clarity of characterisation. Uriah Heap, a figure well-known for his sycophantic nature, being ever so ‘umble comes to life. Yesterday I finished Great Expectations, a book made famous in Lloyd Jones’ Mr Pip.

Most of you will know the story but it’s an engrossing tale of loss, self-awareness and mystery.

I love his scathing views of the legal systems, his characters (who else could portray such a character as Miss Haversham in her faded bridal self-pity? Or Mr Jaggers in his denial of factual responsibility, or Magwitch with a heart and a loyalty that survives his dreadful life?).

I think I’ll read more of Mr Dickens.


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