being part of a cause

I live in a small city to the north of Wellington. Currently there’s a bit of a competition going on in New Zealand to create interest and indeed be the first city to have utlra fast broadband. You need to add #gigatownporirua to the post and then nominate the blog.

So, as Miranda’s nutty friend says – “Bearwith”. There might be just a little bit of needing to bearwith.

In fact the association – Ranui Residents Association uses the internet for a lot of our communication.

We have:
a ning site:
a google/gmail email account where we store our contacts:
a youtube channel on which we store the videos we have made of people who live in the area (we mean to more)

We use Facebook and we store our documents in DropBox.

And the video above? One of the records of our activities.

This year we’ll plant the St Martin’s Community grove with fruit trees, be involved in the upgrade of the local shops, and start the planning for the other side of the road, do more local stories and install history plaques in the area. All this in #gigatownporirua


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