Where me pango, kete whakairo, Michele Dales, Wellington
Whero & pango, kete whakairo, Michele Dales, Wellington

Pamela collects kete.

Te Hapua Kete
Te Hapua Kete
These two are the first of her collection. Both from the Museum Shop, circa 1987. They were made at Te Hapua, and we think by the same woman, Saana Murray. We also had several in the Shop by Neta Parone. Note the strong circular handles on one of them. There were several made like this and I owned one very large one. This circular type handle makes the kete serviceable and strong. By now these have a beautiful golden sheen. We also liked the thickness of the harakeke.

Harakeke kete
Harakeke kete

These two are also older. I’ll have to ask Pamela to describe these and their makers. I like the varied patterning on the larger one.

Kete pingao, Lisa Bartlett, Manawatu
Kete pingao, Lisa Bartlett, Manawatu

a kete quartet
a kete quartet
2013-12-28 10.50.23 HDR

The quartet includes a kete from Vanuatu and another plain harakeke on the right. It also has those circular handles and that lovely thick lip.

You’ll have realised by now that I did not do any proper research, just went for the visual idea. So here’s some more of the collection and I’ll have to ask Pamela to provide more details so that the names of these weavers are kept alive for us.

2013-12-27 12.06.15

2013-12-27 12.06.28

kete pipi
kete pipi-Pamela’s latest addition.

And I think we need something else – a digital story, a movie, a digital book? An exhibition? But we made a start! Thanks heaps, P.


One thought on “collections

  1. Tena Koe,
    My name is Awhina Murupaenga and I work at Te Whare Whiri Toi Gallery at Roma Marae in Ahipara. Your pieces came up as I have been researching korero for Te Hapua Arts & Crafts. One of particular interest for this year is Neta Brown. We have been unable to track any of her pieces down. Not even her whanau have any! But luckily we have historical documents and photos of Neta for the exhibition.
    Our first exhibition “Honouring Past Weavers of Muriwhenua” at Te Ahu in Kaitaia opens Sat 28th June. This will feature weavers of Te Hapua and Pukepoto.
    Next June we will have a featured exhibition on Saana Murray and Lydia Smith.
    If you are able to contact me I would love even just photos of any pieces you may have that may relate to our exhibitions.
    Thank you for your time.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


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