manaakitanga at mataatua

Road to Whakatane
Road to Whakatane

One of my favourite drives is the road between Rotorua and Whakatane. And so I took it.


At the end of the drive is the beautiful Ngati Awa House, Mataatua (the face of the gods). It’s a house that I knew from Dunedin days and it has finally come home. In fact it’s a story I’ve known for a while and I even have this 1990 research report in my possession.


So it was pretty cool to sign up for the tour which involved a powhiri, a fabulous digital light show on the back wall of the house and a cup of tea afterwards. I felt welcomed and supported. As my guide Leslie said -“It’s all about manaakitanga”.

Definitely worth a visit. I learned a lot more, a tiny bit of which I’ll slot into the already stored knowledge.


Whakatane was looking pretty spiffy. And so was Wairaka.

An earlier reference:


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