cripplecreaking before christmas


While I don’t wish to alarm regular readers I need somehow to share my latest concerns, and yes, I’ll do something about it.

The hip which has been fantastic (my third you know) has recently been causing me pain. Enough to warrant a return to the cigar and glass of wine nightly. Damn. Enough to warrant a search of the internet regarding hip pain after surgery.

It’s hard to judge. Sometime I hear and feel it click out of place. Sometimes it’s sore after the gym. I can’t work out if it’s scar tissue pain or hip joint pain. It feels weaker than the other – non hurtful fully operational except for the damaged sciatic nerve.

I have been dancing and gardening and talking to the tui. One of my readers (thanks heaps Geoff) treats me with unbridled care when I dance with him and others(non readers) don’t. The issue is strength and no matter how many lunges, stretches, and squats I do it seems not to get stronger. The sound of the cerunch as it goes out of synch is odd. Not painful. Just odd.

This website is inspirational: and take a look at this woman!

Meanwhile the garden is looking great. And yes, I’ll stop looking on the internet.


2 thoughts on “cripplecreaking before christmas

  1. Wow! Great links, Cheryl! Pretty damned annoying about pain, though, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you fancy a smooth cruise in a clinch on Saturday night, plastered up against an Exceedingly Random Man? (That’s me, right?)


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