the stories we tell

Halloween night playlist, St Kilda, Melbourne
Halloween night playlist, St Kilda, Melbourne

Last trip one, I promise.

On the ‘plane home I watched a movie called Stories we tell. It is one of the few aeroplane movies I have really enjoyed although going over I did enjoy Satellite boy. Satellite boy is about a young Aboriginal boy; Stories we tell is about a Canadian family with a kind of secret. It unravels as different people tell their story. It resonates for me with all the stuff I read and know about stories and with the writings of Robert Fulford. It’s intriguing as the different perspectives are highlighted.

Some time ago I watched Mr Pip: a NZ movie based on a NZ story. I enjoyed the book and I enjoyed the movie, although seeing that level of violence in my face is not so pleasant. Hugh Laurie is superb as Mr Pip and the young Florence Korokoro as Grace is perfect. A few years after the Bougainville crisis some young men from there stayed in my house along with their teacher. They were here to be educated, learn skills and learn how to survive the trauma.

And I wanted to add to this the stories we tell in music. An Australian, Archie Roach, tells stories when he sings about Aboriginal issues:

‘This story’s right, this story’s true
I would not tell lies to you
Like the promises they did not keep
And how they fenced us in like sheep.’
Took the children away.

New Zealander Don MacGlashan tells stories, too, when he sings about his brother Andy, presents a perspective in A thing well made or tells an historical tale of love in Queen of the night.

Good stuff.


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