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If I managed or owned a shop at an airport I would make sure that I had a section devoted to that country’s literature. Then people like me would be able to rush in, between flights, and grab one or two on spec.

I’m sure some airport shops do this, but recent trips in New Zealand and to Australia showed me that Australian airport shops don’t and the NZ ones had small local selections.

Leaving New Zealand I was on the look out for this book in which a friend has a story (called The Dance and I loved it).

Huia Short Stories #10
Huia Short Stories #10

I finally bought a copy of it at Unity Books in Wellington.

In both Melbourne and Sydney, while hanging out at airports, I wanted to browse and buy some Australian fiction and I couldn’t face wading through the all-fiction lot. I did find about 3 book shops in Newtown, Sydney however. The one we chose Better Read Than Dead was good and the shop assistant/manager helped me browse and buy a couple of books, one of which I have read. It’s called Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany. It’s an understated tale – the characters are a bit introverted for my taste but then many of the Australasian characters are. It’s our way and in Australia that harsh but beautiful landscape could add to the need for independence and introversion. It probably also attracted those sorts of characters.

I was keen to read Tim Winton’s latest, but it will be at Unity.

I like reading Australian authors and would have read a few more if finding them had been easier. I should have bought a few while I was ahead in Newtown.

In between I’ve read David Copperfield which to my shame I never read before. What insight! What clever pen drawings! Such understatement.


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