the cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene

Talbot Place, Sydney
Talbot Place, Sydney

McCahon, who in his work presents himself as a wayfaring pilgrim, an evangelist, an occasional prophet, a man in search of the good, was in life satisfactorily impure……..” (Martin Edmond, Dark Night Walking, p. 135).

Starting from the Cross it was relatively easy to find Talbot Place.

We had the sense the previous day that we were near and I felt I wanted to identify at least one more Station.

I have recently had some association with homeless people, so perhaps this spurred me on. Or perhaps the understanding that our most famous painter whose work is worth thousands of dollars was here gave me hope that some others will survive. Perhaps I wanted to be a kind of pilgrim. Perhaps I wanted just to see where he may have been. Perhaps it is Edmond I was following not McCahon.

When we reached Forbes Road we were unsure whether to go up the stairway to the second part of the street or down towards the Cross. The hint of a hurricane fence made us wonder if we had found Premier Lane and it was only by looking there and seeing Corfu Street opposite that we realised we had found the spot.

Matthew Talbot Hostel
Matthew Talbot Hostel

The hostel is on the corner and the entrance is down the lane. At 3.00 ish men were beginning to gather, and drink and shout. We didn’t go down but their presence reminded me of my friend telling me how precious small things like lighters become when you live on the streets and how fights erupt over seemingly insignificant details.

We went back to the sunshine of William Street and looked up to where we guessed Premier Lane and the Temple of the First Church of Christ would be.

We both felt that was enough.


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