Te Ra Nui

Te Ra Nui
Te Ra Nui

Another great thing about communities.

Today, after about 18 months of discussion and hard work we blessed and unwrapped the new sculpture Te Ra Nui. I think we have a new taonga.

She, or perhaps he, sits on the roundabout that serves as the entrance to the suburb of Ranui but also to eastern Porirua. As one of our speakers said – 20,000 people live in eastern Porirua, so we welcome them.

The sculpture was created by artist Kerry Scott and named by Ngati Toa kaumatua, Taku Parai, at a dawn ceremony this morning. Jewelle Mao who won a competition in local schools, unwrapped the sculpture for us. It was lovely to have local elder Margaret Hughes with us for the occasion.

It was a great day. Not least because the roading guys who, at 5.a.m. added the bird to the top of her/him said it was so good to be part of something creative when most of their work was run of the mill practical.

Thanks to Taku for naming her/him for us. Ra nui, he said was where Ngati Toa came to eel, gather food and have a big day out.

And on a personal note (hard to avoid) : Aporo Joyce has decreed me the kuia of Ranui. Hehe. I’ll add the unwrapped image when I can.


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