saturday papers

Dominion Post
Dominion Post

I think I could manage this look. In fact I think I used to manage it without knowing I was.

It reminds me of a the coat frock I wore to England in 1976 and which became a straight skirt in 1977. There’ a photo of me beside my grandmother in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, and apart from looking like a giant I’m wearing the newly fashioned skirt made from striped worsted material that was once coat frock, platform wedges, a hand knitted lime green jersey (short) and a man’s windcheater. I look large and inelegant.

Not that these women look that. But hmmm it’s a look that can misfire easily, methinks.

When I left England again in 1979 my lasting impression is of the young woman wearing tampons for earrings. Punk had arrived.


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