death is not the end

No I haven’t succumbed to religion I’m just cleverly referencing a Dylan song.


About 8 years ago my then colleague Stephen and I set up a small but lively business. Here’s the introductory video.

It really has been a fantastic wee experience. I think the most exciting thing for me was the trip to Valencia to the Relato Digital Storytelling Conference, but working with the teenagers on the Auala for Success project in Hamilton and the people in Porirua have to be up there with great experiences, as do the workshops in Hamilton and the resulting fabulous stories we were given: ‘Coffee’, stories about Alzheimers, stories about being new residents in New Zealand and the chance to work with Auckland Museum on the much visited (over 50,000) Letter from Gallipoli. This is the story of our previous Prime Minster’s uncle.

Working with Storyboards also led me to work with students at WelTec where I work. That too was a moving experience.

It really has been fabulous. But most fabulous was getting to work with Stephen and to get to know his wife Ruth and children William & Penny.

And yes. We got to the point where we were spending more time on the administration than on the storytelling. So we have ‘canned’ it.

Three and a half more years and I’ll pick it up again.

Thanks Stephen. It was great. No. It was fantastic!


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